How GDPR Affects Marketing


My Top 5 Resources for Marketing and GDPR

I have spent some time working out how GDPR affects marketing, and thought some of the resources I am using might help you too. The new General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on the 25th May 2018, so it is time to take action. So here are my Top 5 GDPR and Marketing Resources

1  Information Commissioner’s Office    

The ICO is responsble for regulating the new laws and there is useful guidance for businesses on their website.

There are specific sections on how this affects small organisations here plus further information on electronic and telephone marketing, and using marketing lists. The above image is from their guide on 12 Steps to Take Now.

Pro’s – this is the original source for all information relating to GDPR

Con’s – you need to work out how to implement it for yourself


2  Hallam Internet

Nottingham based Hallam Internet has produced this simple guide to actions that marketers need to take – a great starting point covering most aspects of how GDPR affects marketing.

Pro’s – short, sharp and to the point

Con’s – not legal advice and not industry or sector specific


3  Mailchimp

If you use Mailchimp for email marketing, here is their guide to GDPR. There is also a page listing their GDPR tools.

Pro’s – reassuring to know that Mailchimp is taking GDPR seriously and will help you comply with the new rules

Con’s – only really relevant if you are a Mailchimp user! If you want to learn more about Mailchimp, check out my workshops


4  Suzanne Dibble

Small business law expert Suzanne Dibble runs a Facebook group for online entrepreneurs with videos to answer your GDPR questions. There is a list of the videos in the pinned post so you can see which relate to your type of business. Suzanne is also selling a GDPR Compliance Pack.

Pro’s – practical legal advice for free, and there are specific videos on GDPR for different types of business

Con’s – the time it takes to watch all of the relevant videos. Due to the size of the group, Suzanne cannot answer all the questions personally so you need to watch the videos


5  Hubspot GDPR Glossary

In-bound marketing experts Hubspot have produced a GDPR Glossary to help us understand the jargon.

Pro’s – explains the terminology in layman’s terms

Con’s – not exhaustive, you will need more information than this


Have you found any great resources which can help with how GDPR affects marketing? If so, please contact me so that I can add them to my list.

Please note that this blog is for information only and should not be regarded as legal advice.