A Business and Marketing Mentor

to give you affordable one-to-one marketing advice and support

You know that you need to do some marketing, but don’t know where to start. You have tried a few marketing activities but they just aren’t working. You are a new business, and need someone you can learn the basics from first.

Marketing can be a pretty daunting area to tackle. Everyone knows they should do something to market their product or service, but most small businesses just don’t have the time or experience to get it right first time – and don’t have the budget to get it wrong!

This is where a Marketing Mentor can be just the thing to get you off on the right foot.


How does a Marketing Mentor work?

You meet your mentor monthly for one or two hours to discuss where you are at and what your goals are. By combining your mentor’s knowledge and expertise with a series of questions to really get you thinking, a strategy is agreed for you to action, with the on-going support of your mentor. An outside, independent view point helps to give a different perspective, new approaches, and a clear focus on the actions needed to improve your business. All of our mentors are selected for their marketing experience, their professional qualifications and their ability to communicate. It is important to us that we find you the mentor who matches your style and personality to ensure you get the most out of your marketing mentoring sessions.

What types of businesses do you work with?

We work with all types of businesses and organisations, in both the private and public sector.

From customer service and staff presentation, to how you price your products and how to make certain areas of your business more profitable – it is all part of the marketing mix. Marketing is anything which helps you create, expand and maintain a group of customers to build your business and make it more profitable.

Do you only offer advice on marketing?

We are marketing specialists, so we give advice and support on the most current and effective marketing techniques available. What you may not know, is that how you market yourself and your company has such wide reaching implications that it affects nearly every area of your business! Here are just some of the areas we offer help and advice on:

  • Working out your USP
  • Positioning your company
  • Finding and reaching your target market
  • Pricing your products or services
  • Market research
  • Advertising and Brochures
  • Social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Business and marketing plans
  • Selling and telesales
  • Company identity and branding
  • Websites, Mail shots Email campaigns
  • Press releases and PR campaigns
  • Exhibitions and Networking
  • Self confidence and marketing yourself

How many sessions will I need?

As many or as few as you want. Unlike some mentoring schemes, we like to be flexible. While many clients are with us long term, others just need a couple of sessions to get them “unstuck” or help with a specific project. If you have a major event coming up, you may want several hours of support over a couple of weeks – that’s fine too – we only charge for the hours you need.

But I want to Outsource my Marketing?

If you just don’t have the time to do your marketing, or you have a large marketing project but nobody in the business has the time or the skills to do it, we can help you.

We work closely with a small number of businesses who outsource their marketing to us. They get peace of mind, knowing that they have ongoing support, an outside perspective on their business, and our years of marketing experience.

For businesses who are determined to grow but cannot justify employing a marketing manager, or have a major project which needs a dedicated resource, this ensures that the marketing gets done.

An initial one hour consultation is FREE, so you can try it with no obligation!

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