Spring Clean Your Marketing


If like me you have been inspired by the spring sunshine to have a big de-clutter and spring clean at home, you will know what a therapeutic process it is! Once all those annoying jobs and clutter are gone, you feel inspired to make a fresh start – and the same goes for your marketing. So how do you go about spring cleaning your marketing? Here are some ideas:


1.       Review your marketing materials

If it is a while since you created your website and business card, you will probably find that they are in need of an update. Do they make your USP clear? (for more on checking your USP see here). Have you got new customers that you could add to your website and ask for new testimonials?


2.      Review your Social Media Profiles

Are your Twitter and Linked-in profiles up to date and complete, with all your qualifications and experience? Is it clear what you are offering? Do you have a good up to date photo of yourself on there? Do you need to get some more recommendations on Linked-in? Get in touch with your happy customers and ask for some testimonials. Have you set up your Facebook business page for the new Timeline yet?


3.      Update your records

If there is a pile of business cards lurking in the corner of your office, now is the time to add them to your database so that you can bin those cards. Think about keeping separate lists of clients, prospects and referrers, so that you can target them with separate communications. If you don’t have a database, then you can create a simple one using a spreadsheet with separate columns for first name, second name, company, address, phone number and email. This can then be uploaded to an email marketing system such as Mailchimp (for more on email marketing, see here). You could also connect with them on Linkedin – that way you can stay in touch even if they move jobs or company. Linkedin also allows you to download all your contacts which could then form the basis of a database.


4.       Check your SEO

Once you have updated the content on your website, do an SEO (search engine optimisation) spring clean.  There are a lot of factors involved in SEO, but at least check that the page title on each page (that is the one on the tab at the top) contains useful information for anybody searching for your company, your name, and what you offer. (on this page it is Spring Clean Your Marketing | Ridgeway Marketing).  It should reflect the same words used in the text on the page – too many waste this title on words such as “Home” or “Services”. If most of your customers are local, have you registered on Google My Business? This is a free Google service and will help with local SEO. Also think about getting links on high ranking sites.


5.       Review your marketing activities

If this is the end of your financial year, now is a good time to review your marketing activities to see what is working and what is not. Think about it in terms of cost and time, and the value of the business (and profit) each activity generates. You also need to consider the Lifetime Value of the customer – though it may cost a lot to get one customer, if they stay with you, what is the Lifetime Value of that customer? This might lead you to re-consider how much time and money you spend on each area of marketing.


6.       Get an outside viewpoint

Most of us just get too close to our own business to see the wood for the trees, so do ask a trusted friend or colleague for an outside viewpoint. They may spot something that you just cannot see. A marketing mentor can help you with a fresh perspective on your marketing, and give you lots of new ideas on how to market your product or service – for more details on Marketing Mentoring, see here


Author: Beryl Pettitt

Ridgeway Marketing provides Marketing Mentoring and Marketing Training to small businesses and organisations across the UK. Beryl Pettitt has worked in marketing for over 25 years, and her experience spans both the corporate environment and running her own business. She understands the needs and pressures of managing a business, so clients find her advice both practical and affordable. If you would like some help spring cleaning your marketing, request a free one hour marketing mentoring session.

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