Online Marketing Conference

ebusiness club conference 2011

I was at the Online Marketing Conference at the East Midlands Conference Centre this week. Once again, it was very useful – and free! The speakers were excellent, particularly Graham Jones, Andrew Grill, and Ian Lockwood. Sadly I missed Media Snackers, whom I am told was brilliant too. Ian Lockwood explained the biggest change which is likely to affect all of our businesses – the launch of Panda by Google. This is a change in the ranking algorithm “to reduce rankings for low quality sites”. So what does Google think is a low quality site? It is all down to content – not enough content, poorly written content, content copied from other sites, and content that isn’t useful. So keep working on the content!

The Ebusiness Club has more funding for free training events in the East Midlands, so if you are interested, have a look at their website