Marketing Tips from Santa!

It is the time of year for making New Year’s Resolutions, so here are some ideas for Marketing Resolutions, and who better to look to for inspiration than Santa?

So why is Santa so effective at marketing himself?

1. Consistent branding
No matter how many different pictures you see of Santa – he always wears that red outfit with a white trim and white beard. While you don’t need to wear the same clothes all the time, do make sure you use the same style, colours and logos on all your marketing – it makes you easy to identify, and makes sure clients recognise your messages.

2. He repeats the message
He is there every year, and handily, lots of other companies repeat the message on Christmas cards and decorations, increasing his visibility. So you need to repeat the message, moving your clients through from Know to Like to Trust, by repeating your advertisements, press releases, emails – once is not enough!

3. Build Credibility for your Brand
When doubt set in about Santa in our house, my daughter insisted we not only had a mince pie and a beer for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolf, but also a Santa footprint in flour on the hearth.

You can build credibility for your brand by becoming an expert in your field – speaking, writing, blogging, Tweeting.

4. Use Online Tools
Yes, even Santa has a Twitter account! His journey round the globe can be tracked live on Norad’s website see – and he has an App!

There are loads of free online tools to help you with marketing – Mail Chimp or Constant Contact for email marketing, Survey Monkey for surveys, WordPress or Typepad for blogs, Google analytics on your website.

5. Give excellent customer service

Santa never fails on customer service – he turns up on Christmas Eve no matter what the weather. Keep your customers happy by giving excellent customer service, then you can get recommendations and testimonials from them, stay in touch with them, then sell them more. It is much cheaper to sell more to your existing clients than to find new ones!

6. Make sure your website can be found on Google
Google Father Christmas or Santa and his website comes up first on Google because he understands the basics of Search Engine Optimisation. Make sure you do – page titles, links on high ranking sites, and register on Google maps.

So as small businesses, we can learn a lot from Santa!

Author: Beryl Pettitt

Ridgeway Marketing provides Marketing Mentoring and Marketing Training to small businesses and organisations across the UK. Beryl Pettitt has worked in marketing for over 25 years, and her experience spans both the corporate environment and running her own business. She understands the needs and pressures of managing a business, so clients find her advice both practical and affordable.