Writing the About Us Page


Photo courtesy of the Pheasantry Brewery

If we met at a networking event, we would both immediately make judgements about each other, and hopefully start to build trust. We use all sort of hints and cues to make this judgement, often without even realising it.

But if I land on your website, I have to build that trust from the words and images on the screen.  How would I do this? By clicking on your About Us page, of course.  Yet so often, when reviewing clients’ websites, I find there is no About Us page, or it doesn’t contain any information about the client’s business! And I know they have years of experience in the work they do, a string of qualifications, and many happy customers!

This can be genuine modesty on their part, or it can be a desire to appear to be a bigger or more established business than they actually are. But it doesn’t work – in fact we actually like to know there are real people behind a business, and their stories. Think Virgin and Richard Branson, and James Dyson.

If you are really struggling to write about yourself, try writing it in the third person, so you say “Brian has worked in the XXX industry for 20 years”. If you want your website text to be more personal, you can always change it to “ I “or “we” afterwards. You could also try talking about it to a friend, and get them to write notes for you.

So what should your About Us page contain? Here are some ideas:

1.       Photos

If you are the business owner, a good professional photo of you. If you have a team, photos of the key members, particularly those who are customer facing. Nice smiley photos, perhaps in your working environment?

2.       Your Experience

Most of us set up business in an area in which we have a lot of experience, so tell the world how much experience you have, where you gained it, what qualifications you have, and any professional associations you belong to. This doesn’t want to read like a CV or a blow by blow account of your career to date – just the highlights and the bits which are relevant to the service or product you offer.

3.       Your Story

Even if you don’t have a lot of experience in the field, there must be a reason why you set up the business. So tell your story – was there a life changing moment? Go on – we want to know!

4.       How to contact you

Are you on Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and Facebook? Put links to your profiles here – that way folk will stay in touch even when they have left your website.

Here are a few great examples from my clients:

The Pheasantry Brewery and Restaurant was set up by a family who have farmed in the area for generations – a great story illustrated with family photographs.

Pheasantry Brewery

Andrew at Verdant Wildlife offers wildlife and bird watching tours. He has a first class degree in Environmental Science and is passionate about wildlife – so all of this comes out in his About Us page.

Verdant Wildlife

Still stuck? Have a look at your competitors – see what they say about themselves! Must go now – need to update my About Us page!

Beryl Pettitt is a Marketing Mentor and Marketing Trainer for small businesses and organisations across the UK. She has worked in marketing for over 25 years, and her experience spans both the corporate environment and running her own business. She understands the needs and pressures of managing a business, so clients find her advice both practical and affordable.

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