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What can small businesses learn from the Olympic Athletes?

Like many people in Great Britain, I have gone from a vague interest in the Olympics to being fascinated by sports which I hadn’t even heard of ten days ago! We have all been moved by the determination, hard work and courage of the athletes, regardless of whether they won a medal or not. Let’s […]

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Spring Clean Your Marketing

  If like me you have been inspired by the spring sunshine to have a big de-clutter and spring clean at home, you will know what a therapeutic process it is! Once all those annoying jobs and clutter are gone, you feel inspired to make a fresh start – and the same goes for your […]

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The Unique Selling Proposition

As small businesses, we find ourselves in increasingly competitive markets, and it is essential that we have a clearly defined Unique Selling Proposition, or USP as it is often called, and that we are communicating this effectively. So what is a Unique Selling Proposition? It must be something that makes you stand out from your […]

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