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Marketing Mentoring for Museums

Helping you reach new audiences

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Few museums and heritage attractions employ marketing professionals – mostly the marketing is handled by the curators, management or administrators.

If you are in this situation, marketing mentoring can give you the skills and confidence to market your attraction more effectively and get more visitors.

It could be just what you need if you are launching a new attraction, exhibition or event. Or perhaps you need to attract hard-to-reach groups and new audiences. We can help you get the publicity you need to attract those new visitors - even on a low budget.

By meeting with you regularly, we can give you an outside, independent view point, new approaches, and a clear focus on the actions needed to attract more visitors to your museum. An initial one hour consultation is FREE, so you can try it with no obligation!

Mentoring Overview

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Why do I need a Mentor?

  • You know that you need to do some marketing, but don’t know where to start
  • You have tried a few marketing activities but they just aren’t working
  • You are a new business, and need someone you can learn the basics from first

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