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Marketing Mentoring for Creative Businesses

Helping you market your art and crafts

Marketing art and crafts

It’s not easy being a creative producer. You’re passionate about what you do and your energy is channelled into making, designing and exploring new techniques. That doesn’t leave much time for marketing your work!

And perhaps you just don’t know where to start – should you be exhibiting at galleries, shows, or craft fairs, or getting press coverage and optimising your website?

We have worked closely with the creative sector for many years. From fine artists, sculptors, ceramists, and photographers, through to furniture, jewellery, print and glass makers – we have helped them find new customers, and reach new markets.

Many of the projects we have worked on have been government funded, but we are happy to mentor individual artists to help them market their art more effectively. Here are some of the organisations we have worked with:

  • Design Factory
  • Nottinghamshire Collection
  • Prince’s Trust
  • Banks Mill

  • Marketing mentoring helps artists and other creative businesses to focus on their marketing. An outside, independent view point helps to give a different perspective, new approaches, and a clear focus on the actions needed to improve your business. An initial one hour consultation is FREE, so you can try it with no obligation!

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    Why do I need a Mentor?

    • You know that you need to do some marketing, but don’t know where to start
    • You have tried a few marketing activities but they just aren’t working
    • You are a new business, and need someone you can learn the basics from first

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